Javer/Flossy Canvas Shoes Kids - Turquoise

$12.97 $29.99

Kids Sizes

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One of the leading sellers and a complete classic that will go on for years to come. Whether your wearing them at the gym, nightclub, beach or even to school or work these are the most comfortable,trendy and affordable shoes to hit The European generation.?ÿ Be part of the new generation and please your feet with pure comfort!


EURO Size US Size Length Inches
25 7C 6.3875
26 8C 6.625
27 9C 6.875
28 10C 7.1875
29 11C 7.3875
30 12C 7.625
31 13C 7.875
32 1Y 8.125
33 2Y 8.375
34 3Y 8.625


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