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Gabskia(gah-bs-kee-ah) is an exclusive online store full of kids fashion, trendy accessory ideas and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. We pride ourselves as being a family oriented business.
At Gabskia you will find a fabulous, trendy, fashionable and affordable selection of little girls accessories including Boutique Outfits, Back to school attire, Baby Ruffle bloomers, Swing Top Sets, Birthday Outfits, Photo Props, Ruffle Tops,  Pre-Walker Shoes, an incredible variety of Hair Accessories, Mommy and Me collection as well as Dolly and Me.
People ask where the name Gabskia came from? I gladly tell them my baby's name is Gabby and my granddaughters name is Kiara. I decided to combine them to make Gabskia. My daughter Gabby is only 6 weeks older than my granddaughter.

We now have 2 websites. Gabskia has become a corporation and we opened BPZ Fashion for adult and teens clothing. We are the exclusive distributors for Winner Man Underwear which is a line of Healthy Underwear for Men. Look us up and read a little about our new products under that new website.

Gabskia is now proud to offer most of outfits that are designed by us and exclusively made to perfection to our store as well as our line of leather shoes. We are also the only boutique in the U.S that carry Flossy/Javer canvas shoes which are European Kung-fu style canvas shoes for kids and adults.

Our goal at Gabskia Inc is to offer trendy clothing, footwear and accessories at wholesale prices and to keep our customers happy and returning over and over again. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make your experience better here at

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