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Our little Gabby is one of the inspirations behind Gabskia. She is 6yrs old and is a very active and adventurous little girl. Gabby loves modeling, swimming, boating, playing ball, and tumbling. She has been part of an All Star Cheer Team since she is 4 1/2 yrs old. Training 5hrs +  a week.
She is very friendly, caring and loves everyone around. She brings a lot of sass to our family. 


Kiara is another inspiration behind Gabskia. She is our little prissy girly girl. Loves modeling, fashion and is very cautious when it comes to play hard. She loves dancing and it is on a Pre-Comp team since 2 yrs ago. Like a normal girl, she loves playing with her dolls and play house, get her nails done and she will not step out of the house without her bow or headband.
She is a very sweet and loving little girl.

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